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Holter Systems

Is your medical practice looking for a new Holter system in order to either meet the current needs of your practice or grown your practice to be able to handle even more information and monitoring? Are you looking for quality long-term (24-48 hr) wearable, portable ECG/EKG monitors to track your patients heart rhythms and other vital information? Our list of Holter systems are perfect to not only provide exceptional monitoring, but to help make the process as easy and efficient as possible. By including models that range from very compact systems to more robust Holter systems, they meet the varying needs of small and large practices alike.

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CardioCard PC Based Holter System digital recorder CardioCard PC Based Holter System
Sale Price: $3,995.00
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Differences in Holter System Models

Our Holter system models fills the needs of a variety of different medical arenas - from medical offices, to hospitals. We focus on carrying the top manufacturers in the Holter system arena - including brands such as Welch Allyn, Forest Medical, CardioCard, MidMark, GE and others. Included within these brands are Holter systems that range from just the recorder to full analysis PC based systems. Whether you're looking to buy one piece of the system or an entirely new system, Med-Electronics has a package to meet your needs. By including selections that contain important pieces of a Holter system, such as recording devices that range from extremely compact to more elaborate devices, to selections that include just the monitoring and analysis software, we have strived to allow customers to purchase exactly what they need.

Holter Systems Return Their Value Quickly and Efficiently

Holter Testing has an average reimbursement of $185 using the CPT 93230 model. Through Med-Electronics experience with Holter systems we have seen the large impact that this equipment can make on a practice not only from an efficiency standpoint, but also by providing added income and better service to your patients. Med-Electronics not only focuses on providing competitive pricing on Holter systems, but we also focus on finding those systems and pieces that offer the best quality to our customers. Call us at 888-321-1300 to discuss your needs and work with our experienced professionals to acquire the Holter system that best fits your needs and budget.