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ECG/EKG Machines

Is your medical practice looking to more better track your patients heart's electrical activity or replace an older ECG/EKG monitor or machine? Our list of electrocardiogram (ECK/EKG) machines not only provide the best in quality, but are also promised to provide the best in price. By including a patient cable, power cord, paper, and electrodes in all of our ECG/EKG machines, you can rest assured that you are getting everything you need to have your EKG/ECG monitoring set-up completed. Many of our electrocardiograph systems also come with in-office set-up and training.

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Three-Shelf Universal ECG Cart Three-Shelf Universal ECG Cart
List Price: $145.00
Sale Price: $125.00
AR600 EKG |Cardioline EKG Cardioline AR600 EKG
List Price: $1,450.00
Sale Price: $1,195.00
CardioCard PC Based EKG with Interpretation | Nasiff EKG CardioCard PC Based EKG with Interpretation
List Price: $2,795.00
Sale Price: $2,295.00
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Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-2 Light Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-2 Light with Interpretation
Sale Price: $2,795.00
Sale Price: $2,495.00
Schiller Cardiovit AT-101 EKG | Schiller Resting EKG Schiller AT-101 ECG w/Memory & Interpretation
List Price: $2,995.00
Sale Price: $2,995.00
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Midmark IQecg Digital EKG Midmark IQecg Digital EKG
Sale Price: $4,698.00

Differences in ECG/EKG Machine Models

Our ECG/EKG machines models fills the needs of a variety of different medical arenas - from medical offices, to patient treatment areas, medical laboratories, and hospitals. We carry the top manufacturers in the ECG/EKG monitor arena - including brands such as Bionet, CardioCard, GE, Philips, Schiller, Midmark, Welch Allyn, and others. Included within these brands are models that include the entire readout within one machine, while others provide further information by connecting them to a computer with specific software.. These ECG/EKG machines models come in various sizes and provide varying degrees of information - starting with just the vitals up to a myriad of other important health information that can be tracked. Whether your need is for an all-in-one machine or one to hook up to a more elaborate infrastructure, Med-Electronics has worked to find models to meet your exact needs.

Med-Electronics Offers Top Value in ECG/EKG Machines

Through Med-Electronics experience of selling and repairing ECG/EKG machines since 1978, we have not only built a reputation of top quality equipment and exceptional customer service, but have also been dedicated to providing outstanding prices are well. We continue to offer the best pricing by beating any competitors pricing. Through our experience in the industry, we have been able compile a listing of the best quality machines that not only provide exceptional accuracy and efficiency, but are as easy to use as possible. Call us at 888-321-1300 to discuss your needs and work with our experienced professionals to acquire the ECG/EKG monitor that best fits your needs and budget.