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Sterile Processing Equipment - Autoclave Sterilizer

Is your medical practice looking to more effectively sterilize medical equipment and supplies? Our list of autoclave sterilizers are perfect to not only provide exceptional sterilization, but to help make the process as easy and efficient as possible. By including one button sterilization cycles, automatic door opening, and easy to understand LCD displays, or various autoclaves can provide exactly what you're looking for.

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Ritter Cool Hand Tool Ritter Cool Hand Tool
List Price: $38.00
Sale Price: $38.00
Spore Testing Services Spore Testing Service
Sale Price: $150.00
1730 Valueklave Manual Autoclave | Tuttnauer Autoclave Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave Manual Autoclave
Sale Price: $2,267.00
Call 888-321-1300 for better price
Tuttnauer 2340M Manual Autoclave Tuttnauer 2340M Manual Autoclave
Sale Price: $4,340.00
Call 888-321-1300 for better price
Statim 2000 Cassette Autoclave | SciCan Cassette Sterilizer Scican Statim 2000 Cassette Autoclave
List Price: $6,610.00
Sale Price: $4,925.00
EZ9 Automatic Autoclave | Tuttnauer Autoclave Tuttnauer EZ9 Automatic Autoclave
Sale Price: $4,995.00
Call 888-321-1300 for better price
2540M Manual Autoclave | Tuttnauer Autoclave Tuttnauer 2540M Manual Autoclave
Sale Price: $5,150.00
Call 888-321-1300 for better price
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Differences in Autoclave Sterilizer Models

Our Autoclave sterilizer models fills the needs of a variety of different medical arenas - from medical offices, to patient treatment areas, medical laboratories, and hospitals. We carry the top manufacturers in the autoclave arena - including brands such as Ritter, Midmark, Tuttnauer, SciCan and others. Included within these brands are models that include full automation cycles from start to finish as we as more manual machines for those that may need more control of the sterilization process. These autoclave models include table top models that range in size all the way down to cassette autoclaves that are designed to fit right in a patient treatment area and sterilize vital medical equipment such as Lasiks, PRK, endoscopic instruments and more.

Med-Electronics Offers Top Value in Autoclave Sterilizers

Through Med-Electronics experience of selling and repairing autoclave sterilizers since 1978, we have not only built a reputation of top quality equipment and exceptional customer service, but have also been dedicated to providing outstanding prices are well. We continue to offer the best pricing by beating any competitors table top autoclave pricing by at least $50.00. In addition to competitive pricing, we focus on top quality machines by offering spore testing to ensure that the autoclave sterilization process is killing all bacteria and meeting your needs. Call us at 888-321-1300 to discuss your needs and work with our experienced professionals to acquire the autoclave that best fits your needs and budget.